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  1. กรุณาช่วย ต้อง Civic เสียบ ปุ่ม สตาร์ทเครื่องยนต์ FD และเล่น ชุดสายไฟ ด้วยปุ่ม ชุด สมบูรณ์ ถ้ายังไม่ได้ เสียบ และเล่น ผม ยังต้อง คู่มือการติดตั้ง
  2. Also there is a member here who sells plug and play complete wiring kit and type r engine start kit. But he does not undertand English. Of someone can help me buy the kit from him n I can pay via PayPal.
  3. Can someone help me with a safe and best and easy to do wiring diagram for engine start kit installation in civic fd. If I want to create a plug n play kit, can someone pls tell me what is the brown harness called, so that I can order male n female of it n make a plug n play harness.
  4. ฉันมาจากอินเดียเพื่อโปรดแก้ตัวไทยของฉันเพราะฉันใช้ Google แปล. ฉันต้องการที่จะซื้อ Type R เครื่องยนต์ชุดปุ่มเริ่มต้นกับซีวิค FD. โปรดให้ฉันราคาที่ดีที่สุดและฉันชำระเงินด้วยเพย์พาล (PayPal). การจัดส่งสินค้าไปยังประเทศอินเดียโดย EMS หรือโพสต์มาตรฐานอากาศไทย. คุณสามารถส่งข้อความส่วนตัวฉันสำหรับราคาที่ดีที่สุดและการจัดส่ง คุณสามารถส่งอีเมลฉันที่ defylimitations@hotmail.com LINE ID - sanchitL ฉันจะซื้อมากขึ้นถ้าฉันพอใจกับการซื้อครั้งแรก
  5. Hi, I am using to find a part for my civic but unable to due to language barrier. I have posted the requiment on the "i need to buy thread". Link - http://www.civicclubthailand.com/board/index.php/topic/15032-honda-part/ Ps check the link for details n also picture of the part which I had taken from this forum only. I had found out this seller on this site who has this part but does not accept PayPal. I wish to find a seller who can sell me this part and accepts PayPal and can ship to India via standard Thai post...which is ok for me. Pease can someone translate this to Thai properly and post it on the I need to buy thread. Please tell the seller, that I will buy more parts once I receive the first shipment. I want a seller which can arrange any Civic fd spare part. I kno of another seller by the username "HotshoT" on this forum but he is not responding. So please need help here. Thanks
  6. Hi, please help me on the above parts...or help me communicate with the sellers. Since I am from India n dont know thai and need the above parts asap. thanks
  7. Hi, i also need these parts :- I need the Following parts for my Civic FD 72410-SNE-A02 72450-SNA-A01 72910-SNA-A01 72950-SNA-A01 Shipping via Ems to india.
  8. Hi, I am from India and i am looking at parts for 06 Civic FD...can someone please help me find a seller having these 2 parts and help me communicate with him. I need these 2 parts urgently and seller needs to ship via EMS to India and i should accept Paypal. Parts:- I need Mugen Ventilated Visors of good quality and grade A ones with 3m tape. Not cheap stuff I also need this Mugen Logo/emblem for the Civic's Front Grill. I am attaching picture below and i wan the same logo for the front. The picture is of the Rear Logo, it also comes for Front Grill. please guys...if someone can help me here get a good deal for both the items and Ems shipping to India. i have also posted this thread on "need to buy" section as well. thanks
  9. hi...i have just joined this awesome forum and love it. I am from India and own a 2008 Civic FD which i have converted to Replica Mugen RR in Milano Red color. now i am interested to buy or enquire about lots of parts listed on this site but the problem i am facing is Lnaguage as most of the people who are selling FD parts do not understand english properly. So would request someone to help me communicate with Sellers.
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