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Mirroring seems to drop out, e-brake bypass

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My first post ... sorry  if it is in the wrong forum, if so will a mod please move ... thanks


New Civic RS


Had the e-brake by-pass fitted so as to be able to use maps.google on the screen when driving.


It seems to work for maybe up to twenty minutes and then drops off, screen goes black. The guy changed the dongle and basically I still have the same problem.


I have tried the USB to the dongle in both outlets with similar results.


I have tried with both our phones ... Galaxy Note 4s ...same result.


What appears to happen, although I'm not sure every time is that the screen seems to freeze and the very shortly afterwards the screen goes black.


I'm at a loss as what to do, only thing that I haven't tried is


....taking the USB supply from the 12V socket. Doing this I loose my car camera.

... using a phone other than our Note 4s


Anyone has any ideas please. I don't know how to explain this to Honda as the e-brake bypass modifies things and they may say bad luck.

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